Why Use WeInvest?


Exclusive Features

Platforms like Coinbase and Robinhood let you trade stocks and crypto. BlockFi lets you earn interest on your crypto. The problem is, you can't quickly move money from these places. You will need to have liquidity on all of these platforms, to be able to do all three of these things. WeInvest let's you earn interest with our crypto savings products, and trade stocks and crypto.

High Yield Interest

Earn interest on your crypto assets, including crypto stablecoins. Your savings account at the bank may pay you 0.50% interest. WeInvest will pay about 8% interest on a USD stablecoin. Interest is calculated at the end of every day, and paid out every month. You can instantly trade stocks for crypto, and put it into savings. No need to transfer funds around to different places.

Swap Stock for Crypto

Our platform let's you swap stocks for crypto. If you wanted to do this on Robinhood, you would have to wait a few days for your trades to settle and clear, before you could have that cash. Then you would need to transfer it to Coinbase. When you sell your crypto on Coinbase, it also takes days to get your cash back to Robinhood. Use our platform to instantly go back and forth from crypto to stock. No waiting.




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