What Is WeInvest Token (WIT)?

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WeInvest Token (WIT) token is a optimistic governance token used for sending transactions and voting. The protocol provides a unified API that connects to trading services for market data, and existing integrations with full insured fintech partners providing trading services. Trade Crypto, Stocks, and put your money into a crypto savings account to earn high yields.

WIT is the native utility token that is used for:

  • submitting governance requests
  • voting for proposals
  • providing collateral to submit requests and vote

WIT tools include:

  • Functional UI that connects to integrated partners
  • Ability to buy and sell crypto with a card or bank account
  • Custom Tradingview charts integrated for stocks and crypto
  • Custom charting solutions for managing portfolios of both crypto and stock
  • *Free trading capabilities for stocks and crypto

*Our crypto partner charges transaction fees for trades but WeInvest does not charge additional fees

How Many WIT Coins Are There in Circulation?

WIT Protocol launched its mainnet on Aug 21, 20201 with 350 million WIT tokens created at genesis. 50% will be allocated to the community. Other percentages of holdings will be determined via our governance mechanisms.

Who Are the Founders of WIT Protocol?

WIT Protocol is founded by Wayne Vest. He is a pseudononymous character representing a collective of finance professionals and leaders, both traditional finance and crypto.

Where Can I Buy WIT Protocol (WIT)?

WIT is available for trading on a growing number of exchanges, with Ethereum pairs currently available.