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Decentralized investment products, by you.

WeInvest is a community that builds and experiments with decentralized applications and protocols. At the center of these experiments is an effort to build a sustainable and thriving economy around a currency called WeInvest Token (WIT), which is used to influence the direction of the community. Anyone can buy WIT or earn it by contributing to WeInvest and can use it, among other things, to vote on funding proposals and protocol changes with a weight that is equal to the WIT they hold.

WeInvest isn’t a company, there is no core team, and there has never been a crowd sale to raise funds to operate. Instead WeInvest has been issuing and distributing WIT to contributors for some time. The price will be determined by the market, once it reaches exchanges. The community doesn’t need WIT to have a certain price in order to distribute it, but as it becomes more valuable, the community is able to direct more resources towards community projects, and in turn those projects may grow the WeInvest economy further.

By optimizing how we issue and distribute WIT we hope to create a future that is more free, fair, open, and humane. ‌